Games For Swinger Couples

Games For Swinger Couples. Did you know there has been a game developed by a swinger couple for swinger couples with the sole purpose of making the transition from flirting to sexy time a much easier one?


Well, there is! And I, your swinger girl on the inside, recently received an email from the said company; it went a little like this…

Dear Thiskindagirl, I just came across your work on Medium… I love your articles! I think your take on love/sex and what it means to be a swinger or involved in the lifestyle is spot on!


Why Do I Wear Thigh High Boots?

This article was requested to me a few months ago by one of my fans and fellow fetish enthusiasts over on Instagram. At the time of the request, I was nipple deep in writing my practical ‘how to guides’ over on and didn’t give the specialised article request much thought. However…fast forward six months, and I finally have time to put pen to paper and write at length about one of my all-time fetish footwear favourites. Move over Kurt Geiger heels (my previous favourite) and hello heavenly thigh highs.

Why Did I Choose To Write About The Boots?

It has become apparent that every time I post to…

What Public Humiliation Play Is REALLY Like!
I find that this particular kink is the marmite of the sex world. You either totally get down with it or are heavily against it. And I think you know which category I fall into? Yep, you guessed it, dress me in a collar and parade me through the supermarket! When it comes to public humiliation play, I’m a fan! But what exactly is public humiliation play, and why do people enjoy it? It’s time to talk all things overt with thiskindagirl.

Interestingly, risque sexual encounters are part of our genetic makeup and…

Yesterday, I received an email from a husband who had spoken to his wife about starting swinging, but her response had been not overly positive. He asked me for advice on what to do next and why I think his wife responded this way? Was there anything I could do to help her?

Well, I’m not a magician.

I can’t make people want to try swinging, but I can share my knowledge and expertise.

I can explain what swinging is and let them come up with their own conclusions. After all, I’m not here to ‘sell’ swinging to people.


You are probably thinking, thiskindagirl, why do I need a list of what to take to a swingers party? Surely there can’t be an awful lot more to take aside from condoms and myself? Right?

Your both right and wrong there guys, the most important thing to take should be condoms; however, you should also consider so many other items! Before you head to a party, it’s worth getting clued up as to what’s hot and what’s not to take to a swingers club! As well as your sexy selves, there are a few essential items that you should not…

We all have to start somewhere in the swinging world and trust me when I say I learnt the hard way!

I get a lot of questions sent to me that start like this;

Dear thiskindagirl, we are a young couple but want to get involved in the swinger lifestyle…’

Most emails are sent asking me for general advice or help on how to handle one of the situations I have written about here. So, if you are younger or less experienced swingers, this one is for you! …

And before we get started, no, it’s not a chat room either… This is swinging in 2021, and this is How To Join A Swinger Lifestyle Community from thiskindagirl! If you want to be part of a like-minded, respectful, swinger and kink-friendly network, there’s a good chance that joining an online community group might provide you with exactly what you are looking for!

Swinger community groups are really popular, and for a good reason. They provide their members with a supportive space to express themselves and share their experiences, knowledge and expertise.

Where Can I Find Swinger Lifestyle Groups?

Let's talk about Reddit. Reddit and its thousands…

Who enjoys strap on sex?

Using a strap on isn’t simply for pegging; neither is it something only lesbians enjoy. In this article, I,, aim to enlighten, educate and enthral you into what strap on sex is all about!

But first, what are my credentials? What qualifies me to talk so candidly about the wonder of the rubber willy? Using a strap on during sex is something that I have been enjoying for several years now. I’ve enjoyed them with men, women, in swinger situations, during BDSM sessions and when I have played with Dominatrixes. So, I suppose I am a bit savvy when…

Recreating The Swinger Experience- My Alternative Sex Toy Guide. I couldn’t let valentines day slide past me without a dedicated article. Being that I am thiskindagirl; lover of all things swinger related, procurer of an extensive toy collection and dedicated lifestyler, I thought how better to get into the mood than by a sex toys for swinger couples article, with an aim to recreating the swinger magic in the bedroom?

Even though I don’t get down with valentines day rituals (I believe I should be loved and adored every day) what I do believe in, and practice as often as…

I’m not going to sugarcoat the truth, and I’m not going to tell you what you want to hear.


Well, I write a lot of articles on thiskindagirl and share with my fans loads of information on how to have the swinging conversation and how to get started the lifestyle. It’s probably the question that I am asked most frequently, and for that I thank you, after all, it is kinda what I’m all about.

But sometimes I just want to share. My dating life hasn't always been peachy perfect, I’m not a sexual goddess, irresistible to all men…


Thiskindagirl is the clever couples guide to sexy, savvy, swinging!

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